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feel free to soft block me for any reason but i also have the right to soft block or even hard block people for any reason as well (i tend to not hard block unless i feel it is super necessary for my health). i am an adult and i do my best to not post nsfw on main b/c i know i have minors following me and i dont want to make anyone uncomfortable, but if you don't feel comfortable with following me or me following you b/c of my age that's completely finei mainly post art and personal text posts, some of which may be venty and some of which may be me gushing over hyperfixations or special interests so fair warning on that! for a list of things i may post about, check my interests page

pick your poison

about me (long ver)

  • my name is dan saiyan (yes, that's my real name)! my secondary name is jude, and my tertiary name is happie! you'll mostly see me go by any of these :)

  • i also go by various nicknames: hearts, wheeze, fu, aliea, luce, genesis, astero, eleven, ingo, jak, or kido! i answer to any of these yes i know its a lot i hoard names dont @ me

  • i'm 25 years old (birthday is march 11th)! my signs are pisces sun - aries moon - gemini asc

  • i'm genderfluid! i use they/he/it pronouns :] if ur super interested i also have a few xenogenders i identify with!

  • i think im bi with a preference for women

  • i also identify as nonhuman hi

  • i am spiritual with no specific religion

  • i'm pretty sure i'm on the adhd/autism spectrum!

  • i live in san antonio, tx! i'm originally from tennessee though

  • currently engaged to @maximumcircus !! <3

  • god i love dragon ball so much you have no idea it's like my life u should see my room its Covered in dragon ball merch

  • i also really really really love inazuma eleven! like a Lot

  • i have a history with danny phantom too so theres that

  • i love my friends So Much its UNREAL

  • i'm an artist! i mainly love drawing cartoons. i also make illustrations, comics, and animations! i've also dabbled 3d modelling, and i recently got into journaling!

  • i have character design disease which has led me to create over 1k ocs. i keep them in a google doc

  • please don't be afraid to talk to me! i try my best to be very open and friendly and i love to make friends! <3

about me (short ver)

dan/jude/happie (other nicknames found in long ver)
25 y/o (march 11th)
san antonio, tx (originally from east tn)
genderfluid (they/he/it)
pisces sun - aries moon - gemini asc
unaligned spirituality
main interests are dragon ball + inazuma eleven + furry fandom + ocs + pokemon (submas)

just a few things im interested in :]bold means extra big interest!

  • dragon ball (mainly z, super, heroes, xenoverse 2)

  • inazuma eleven (og, go)

  • pokemon (mostly submas)

  • danny phantom

  • cartoons

  • animation memes

  • furries

  • warrior cats

  • comics

  • jak & daxter

  • bloodborne

  • overwatch

  • sonic the hedgehog

  • super mario bros.

  • wordgirl

  • the once-ler

  • jjba

  • blue exorcist

  • one-punch man

  • mob psycho 100

  • cats (the musical)

  • i guess musicals in general

  • batman

  • x-men

  • halloween

  • care bears

  • neopets

oh god here's my very long kin list. doubles ok for all of course!for me, kinning means i am connected to my kintypes by the soul, despite being separated by universes (i follow the multiverse theory). to put it simply, i do believe i am these kins, just in another body! HOWEVER, i do not claim to understand or experience everything that they do in their universe (so no i dont believe im another race despite kinning a character who may not share mine in this universe).in addition, i do identify as str8 up nonhuman/alterhuman! i haven't felt that i was really human for most of my life and i'm just now getting around to accepting/acknowledging it so there you go. dan isnt a humanas kintypes, they are ordered from strongest to weakest per category, as illustrated below :]id: strongest of all; literally me
primary: strongest that aren't ids
secondary: not as strong but still quite active
tertiary: kinda just in the background but still there; the lower you get the less i connect to them, so the bottom ones are only there by like a thread!


  • fu (dragon ball xenoverse 2 + super dragon ball heroes)

  • kidou yuuto (inazuma eleven)

  • raditz (dragon ball z)

  • dan phantom (danny phantom)

  • the once-ler (the lorax 2012)


  • hearts (super dragon ball heroes)

  • goku black (dragon ball super)

  • wheeze/izuno yuu (inazuma eleven)

  • merged zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • desuta (inazuma eleven)

  • dmitri sobirov (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • cabba (dragon ball super)


  • vegeta jr. (dragon ball gt)

  • shallot (dragon ball legends)

  • future zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • tarble (dragon ball super)

  • non-canon supreme kai (dragon ball z)

  • captain ginyu (dragon ball z)

  • bio broly (dragon ball z)

  • chamel (super dragon ball heroes)

  • zen (super dragon ball heroes)

  • shin (dragon ball z/super)

  • alt zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • zamasu (super dragon ball heroes)

  • luce/lucien (demon)

  • desarm/saginuma osamu (inazuma eleven)

  • ingo (pokemon)

  • fubuki shirou (inazuma eleven)

  • emmet (pokemon)

  • shindou takuma (inazuma eleven go)

  • dr. two-brains (wordgirl)

  • beast hunter (bloodborne)

  • junkrat (overwatch)

  • waluigi (super mario bros.)

  • garou (one-punch man)

  • jasper (steven universe future)

  • sans (undertale)

  • poet anderson (poet anderson: the dream walker)


  • demonio strada (inazuma eleven)

  • jak/mar (jak & daxter trilogy)

  • reize/midorikawa ryuuji (inazuma eleven)

  • wolves

  • sein (inazuma eleven)

  • jeice (dragon ball z)

  • fukami dandou (inazuma eleven go)

  • tsurugi kyousuke (inazuma eleven go)

  • ichikawa zanakurou (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • kusaka ryuuji (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • kariya masaki (inazuma eleven go)

  • kageyama hikaru (inazuma eleven go)

  • mira (dragon ball xenoverse 2)

  • mechikabura (super dragon ball heroes)

  • salsa (super dragon ball heroes)

  • shroom (super dragon ball heroes)

  • marble (dragon ball af)

  • vegeta (dragon ball z/super)

  • basaku (super dragon ball heroes)

  • werepire

  • cumber (super dragon ball heroes)

  • wilfre (drawn to life)

  • yukio okumura (blue exorcist)

  • amaimon (blue exorcist)

  • granolah (dragon ball super)

  • quietmoss (warriors)

  • rum tum tugger (cats the musical)

  • non-canon na'vi (avatar)

  • figment (disney)

  • sour (dragon ball super)

  • jack frost

  • shadow the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)

  • johnny 13 (danny phantom)

  • mute (ghost)


here's a list of xenogenders i identify with! <3

  • aliengender

  • demongender

  • inazumagender

  • dragonballgender

  • emogender

  • furrygender

  • cartoongender

  • magicalgirlgender

  • saiyangender


here's a list of neopronouns you can use for me! <3

  • ai/alie/alieas/alieaself

  • de/dem/dems/demself

  • sai/saiya/saiyans/saiyanself

  • ae/aem/aer/aers/aemself

  • ze/zem/zeir/zeirs/zemself

  • fu/fu/fus/fuself (pronounced fyoo!)

  • soc/soccer/soccers/soccerself

  • in/ina/inas/inaself