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discord: dansaiyan

i reserve the right to block anyone for any reason, and you have the right to block me for any reason as well! having said this, if i find out you are or support someone who is a proshipper, zoophile, pedophile, terf, truscum, or any other kind of bigot, i will block you on sight.i have autism and adhd, so i will talk a lot about random things. i also may act kinda weird in social situations, or ask a lot of questions in order to understand something. please be patient with me!i am an adult, but i tend to age regress to a younger age (preteen to teens). this does not mean i see myself as a child, nor does it mean i think i'm welcome in children's spaces. i simply age regress for coping reasons, dont worry about it!

pick your poison

about me (long ver)

  • my name is dan! feel free to also use my fursona names as well! (i now have a list of other names you can choose to call me, too!)

  • i'm 26 years old (birthday is march 11th)! my signs are pisces sun - aries moon - gemini asc

  • i'm nonbinary! i use they/them pronouns :] if ur super interested i also have a few xenogenders i identify with!

  • i am married so my sexuality doesn't super matter but i currently id as a lesbian!

  • i kin but very lowkey. if you want my kinlist just ask but i dont rly advertise it anymore

  • i am spiritual with no specific religion

  • i'm on the adhd/autism spectrum!

  • i identify as nonhuman. swag

  • i live in san antonio, tx! i'm originally from tennessee though

  • married to ruby !! <3

  • i'm an artist! i mainly love drawing cartoons. i also make illustrations, comics, and animations! i've also dabbled 3d modelling, and i recently got into journaling!

  • i have character design disease which has led me to create over 1k ocs. i keep them in a google doc

  • please don't be afraid to talk to me! i try my best to be very open and friendly and i love to make friends! <3

about me (short ver)

dan (or other names)
26 y/o (march 11th)
san antonio, tx (originally from east tn)
nby (they/them)
pisces sun - aries moon - gemini asc
lesbian (married)
unaligned spirituality
main interests are dragon ball + inazuma eleven + furry fandom + ocs + pokemon

just a few things im interested in :]bold means extra big interest!

  • dragon ball (mainly z, super, heroes, xenoverse 2)

  • inazuma eleven (og, go)

  • pokemon (mostly submas)

  • danny phantom

  • cartoons

  • animation memes

  • furries

  • warrior cats

  • comics

  • jak & daxter

  • bloodborne

  • overwatch

  • sonic the hedgehog

  • super mario bros.

  • wordgirl

  • the once-ler

  • jjba

  • blue exorcist

  • one-punch man

  • mob psycho 100

  • cats (the musical)

  • i guess musicals in general

  • batman

  • x-men

  • halloween

  • care bears

  • neopets

  • j-fashion

name list

i love going by different names online and in certain spaces! so, i've compiled a list of names you're free to use at any time as well as suggestions for when to use them ^^all of these names are ok to use at any time, though!

general names

  • dan (default; always good to use!)

  • jude (secondary; also used in inazuma eleven spaces)

  • happie (generally preferred only when im having feminine days, so feel free to ask!)

fursona names

  • painty

  • wheeze

  • kido

  • bloodeh (generally used in agere or nostalgic/scene spaces but ok to use otherwise too!)

  • aliea

other names

  • hearts

  • jak

  • fu

  • luce

  • genesis

  • astero

oh god here's my very long kin list. doubles ok for all of course!for me, kinning means i am connected to my kintypes by the soul, despite being separated by universes (i follow the multiverse theory). to put it simply, i do believe i am these kins, just in another body! HOWEVER, i do not claim to understand or experience everything that they do in their universe (so no i dont believe im another race despite kinning a character who may not share mine in this universe).in addition, i do identify as str8 up nonhuman/alterhuman! i haven't felt that i was really human for most of my life and i'm just now getting around to accepting/acknowledging it so there you go. dan isnt a humanas kintypes, they are ordered from strongest to weakest per category, as illustrated below :]id: strongest of all; literally me
primary: strongest that aren't ids
secondary: not as strong but still quite active
tertiary: kinda just in the background but still there; the lower you get the less i connect to them, so the bottom ones are only there by like a thread!


  • fu (dragon ball xenoverse 2 + super dragon ball heroes)

  • kidou yuuto (inazuma eleven)

  • raditz (dragon ball z)

  • dan phantom (danny phantom)

  • the once-ler (the lorax 2012)


  • hearts (super dragon ball heroes)

  • goku black (dragon ball super)

  • wheeze/izuno yuu (inazuma eleven)

  • merged zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • desuta (inazuma eleven)

  • dmitri sobirov (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • cabba (dragon ball super)


  • vegeta jr. (dragon ball gt)

  • shallot (dragon ball legends)

  • future zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • tarble (dragon ball super)

  • non-canon supreme kai (dragon ball z)

  • captain ginyu (dragon ball z)

  • bio broly (dragon ball z)

  • chamel (super dragon ball heroes)

  • zen (super dragon ball heroes)

  • shin (dragon ball z/super)

  • alt zamasu (dragon ball super)

  • zamasu (super dragon ball heroes)

  • luce/lucien (demon)

  • desarm/saginuma osamu (inazuma eleven)

  • spider-man/peter parker (mcu)

  • ingo (pokemon)

  • fubuki shirou (inazuma eleven)

  • emmet (pokemon)

  • shindou takuma (inazuma eleven go)

  • dr. two-brains (wordgirl)

  • beast hunter (bloodborne)

  • junkrat (overwatch)

  • waluigi (super mario bros.)

  • garou (one-punch man)

  • jasper (steven universe future)

  • sans (undertale)

  • poet anderson (poet anderson: the dream walker)


  • demonio strada (inazuma eleven)

  • jak/mar (jak & daxter trilogy)

  • reize/midorikawa ryuuji (inazuma eleven)

  • wolves

  • sein (inazuma eleven)

  • jeice (dragon ball z)

  • fukami dandou (inazuma eleven go)

  • tsurugi kyousuke (inazuma eleven go)

  • ichikawa zanakurou (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • kusaka ryuuji (inazuma eleven go galaxy)

  • kariya masaki (inazuma eleven go)

  • kageyama hikaru (inazuma eleven go)

  • mechikabura (super dragon ball heroes)

  • salsa (super dragon ball heroes)

  • shroom (super dragon ball heroes)

  • marble (dragon ball af)

  • vegeta (dragon ball z/super)

  • basaku (super dragon ball heroes)

  • werepire

  • cumber (super dragon ball heroes)

  • wilfre (drawn to life)

  • yukio okumura (blue exorcist)

  • amaimon (blue exorcist)

  • granolah (dragon ball super)

  • quietmoss (warriors)

  • rum tum tugger (cats the musical)

  • non-canon na'vi (avatar)

  • figment (disney)

  • sour (dragon ball super)

  • jack frost

  • shadow the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)

  • johnny 13 (danny phantom)

  • mute (ghost)


here's a list of xenogenders i identify with! <3

  • aliengender

  • demongender

  • inazumagender

  • dragonballgender

  • emogender

  • furrygender

  • cartoongender

  • magicalgirlgender

  • saiyangender


here's a list of neopronouns you can use for me! <3

  • ai/alie/alieas/alieaself

  • de/dem/dems/demself

  • sai/saiya/saiyans/saiyanself

  • ae/aem/aer/aers/aemself

  • ze/zem/zeir/zeirs/zemself

  • fu/fu/fus/fuself (pronounced fyoo!)

  • soc/soccer/soccers/soccerself

  • in/ina/inas/inaself